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Experience Zadar’s history through virtual reality!

If you are planning visiting Zadar, city in the center of Adriatic, then Zadar’s history through virtual reality definitely should be on your “must do” list. It is guided walking tour through Zadar’s old town and stopping in 8 different locations in order to discover how those locations looked back in time using the virtual reality glasses.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality is modern technology that enables users to interact with recreated 3-D environment. In June 2019 in Zadar was introduced unique and innovative tour “Virtual Reality of Zadar’s history“. All users have a real-world experience of history with rich HQ animations, 3D models of historic buildings, sound effects and 360 ° views. VR glasses use technology that creates illusion of depth giving people the impression of being in the real 3D world.With this innovative product, Zadar has shown that it follows global trends and implements modern technology in tourism, leading industry in Republic of Croatia. Therefore, both locals and tourists, are offered something new, innovative, which almost no one in Croatia and the region can boast of.


What can you see in Virtual Reality of Zadar’s history?

At first it is worth mentioning that VR glasses can be used by all age groups and users do not need advanced technological knowledge to use them, all thanks to simple bluetooth controller connected with VR glasses. There is built in audio guide in 7 world languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Esperanto and Croatian).

Virtual Reality through Zadar’s history is a walking tour lasting 1:30-2:00 hours and stopping in 8 locations in the old town. Looking through VR glasses you will experience how Roman Forum built 2000 years ago, you will see its construction looking from the air, incorporated in present state, Roman tabernacles, columns, the temple and third altar in Capitolium.

Next point is Zadar’s former Green market. There you will witness areal bombing and destruction of surrounding buildings. Afterwards follows – bombing of Zadar during World War II and you will be standing in the hot-air balloon next to cathedral’s bell tower looking at aircraft dropping bombs on the city. In both VR visuals you will see how Zadar looked before destruction in WW II, then you will see bombing of Episcopal complex and animations of aircraft overflying the city, bombing houses and other buildings and debris in flame after the bombing.

Next follows the point from beginning of 13th century, in 1202 to be precise, when IVth Crusade took place. In this point you will be standing in hot-air balloon looking at crusader’s armada approaching the city of Zadar, surrounded by defense walls. At the same time audio guide explains why Crusaders attacked and robbed city of Zadar.

In addition, during Virtual Reality walk through Zadar’s history you will see the largest cathedral in Dalmatia – St. Anastasia’s cathedral. Besides the story about church’s history, you will see its interior, St. Anastasia’s sarcophagus, sacristy and baptistery. After seeing St. Anastasia cathedral, you will proceed to church of St. Chrysogonus. In this point you will discover how cloister looked like, you will find out more about architectural style of the back of the church and furthermore, you will see church’s interior, otherwise closed for public.

Last stop is the Petar Zoranić squarerenovated Croatian writer. In this point you will learn more about the history of the site, you will see animation of Roman entrance gates and city walls being constructed. After that you will see animation of construction of the Middle Ages entrance gates and defense walls. At the end you will learn about Venetians that planned and built defense system of the city with new city walls and bastions.


How else can you experience Zadar?

Besides Virtual Reality of Zadar’s history, you can decide to complement this experience with licensed local guide. Combination of virtual reality glasses and licensed guide make ultimate experience for all those eager to know more about the history of Zadar, but also about more recent happenings, architecture and contents that experienced guide surely will fulfill with many interesting facts along with virtual reality recreated historical sites.


In case you want to take just guided city sightseeing without virtual reality glasses, you can take licensed local guide walking tour.
Whichever option you choose, you will definitely learn all about the beauty and secrets of history that this Adriatic pearl has to offer.


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