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Zadar walking tours; what to see and which tour to choose

Zadar is a city with more than 3ooo years of history and due to its strategic position has always been the target of many foreign invaders, which ultimately resulted in a rich cultural and historical heritage. Once you find yourself in the historic center of the city wherever you look you will see one of the sights, historical inscription, palace or squares that testify to the long rich history of the city. Recently, the city follows new modern trends and offers its guests world famous installations – the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.


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Zadar is a city on the central Adriatic coast and through centuries of turbulent history has been built into a city that today proudly shows all that it has acquired through centuries of existence. With its magnificent Roman forum from the 1st century BC and modern installations Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ, it seeks to present itself as a city that respects its long history, but also as a city that offers something new and follow world trends. There are many sights by which Zadar is recognizable. From the symbol of the city, the church of St. Donat to the ancient forum that once existed in Zadar. Today are visible only remains of the once magnificent building and it is necessary to imagine what the Ancient Forum looked like in the past. According to that we came to the idea to show our guest the history of Zadar with help of modern technology and we are the only tourist agency in Croatia that offers an innovative city tour with VR glasses and it is no longer necessary to imagine what Zadar looked like in the past.


The best way to get to know the city you visit is in a city walking tour. No one will explain the history of the city, sights and way of life of the local population better than licensed guides who, with their education and everyday life in Zadar, best convey important facts and interesting stories from the history and everyday life in the city. Therefore, we offer tours for bigger and smaller groups, but also for individuals, as well as an innovative Zadar Virtual walking tour – a walking tour with VR glasses. Below are listed all walking tours that we offer.


1.Zadar Virtual Walking tour

Zadar walking tour with virtual reality experience is a walk through the old city with an expert assistant to the 8 most attractive locations where you will discover with help of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses how Zadar looked in different historical periods. In addition to the virtual display, the audio guide translated into 7 languages provides the most important information about Zadar and historical events. You will step into the virtual world, return to the past and experience over 2000 years of Zadar’s history. You have no longer to imagine what Zadar looked like, you will just put on VR glasses and experience the most important moments in Zadar’s history and experience Zadar in a new and innovative way. You will see numerous animations, 3D models of historic buildings, 360 ° views and enjoy numerous sound effects.

You will see following:

  1. The Roman Forum built 2000 years ago
  2. Zadar in 1202 and the IV cruscade attack on the city
  3. Former green market and how Zadar looked before World war II
  4. Aerial bombing of the city in World War II
  5. St. Anastasia Cathedral and places inside that are closed for public
  6. St. Chrysogonus Church and the former cloister of the church
  7. St. Simeon’s Church and its silver pleated chest
  8. Main entrance gates into the city during Roman period and Middle ages, and learn more about defense city walls system built by Venetians under UNESCO protection

The built in audio guide is available in 7 languages: Croatian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Esperanto. Virtual walking tour duration is 2 hours.

You can go on this tour with a licensed guide and extend the tour for a hour or two to walk along the whole old city and get all the information and interesting facts. For the price and more information go to link.

Razgled grada s Virtualnim naočalama

2. Zadar City Walking tour with licensed guide

You can explore Zadar old town with a licensed guide. Experienced licensed guides will tell you all the interesting facts about buildings, events and the way of life in Zadar and even reveal some secrets related to Zadar and his citizens. In the city tour you will visit Greeting to the Sun, a modern art installation located in the western part of the old town, the Sea Organ, the Forum, the former Ancient Forum, the church of St. Donatus, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the main street Kalelarga, the main square with the City Hall from the 16th century. and an 18th-century clock tower, a town guard, and a 12th-century town lodge. After a pleasant walk through the city streets, you will taste Zadar’s Maraschino, a liqueur with a rich taste produced from special cherry sort.

Licensed guides are avilable in: Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Chinese and Japanese.

Beside the above mentioned locations we can arrange visiting:

  • all churches in Zadar
  • St. Anastasia’s bell tower
  • Museum of ancient glass
  • Museum of Ilusions
  • Permanent exhibition Gold and Silver of Zadar (more information here)


3. City tour of antique Zadar

In this tour you can discover how Zadar looked like during Roman times. Find out how Zadar got its name and how the everyday life looked like in ancient times. Learn more about the glassmaking art and the secret of Zadar’s longevity.

City tour of antique Zadar includes visiting former Jader Forum and you will learn about the origin of the name Zadar, learn about the Roman colonization of Zadar, urban planning and the functioning of the city as an economic, religious and administrative center. You will discover the location of ancient shops, then the location of the former basilica and temple which was dedicated to the triad of Roman deities Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. You will walk past the Sea Gate, the remains of Porta Thriumphalis or the main ancient entrance to the city of Zadar and hear three stories: The Story of the Liburnians, The Story of the Roman Colony Iulia Iader and finally the story of the arrival of Croats in this area.

This walking tour includes visiting the Archeological Museum and Museum of ancient glass.

The duration of this tour is 2.5 hours and you will be guided by a licensed guide and interpreter of cultural heritage.


Today, is the city of Zadar a preserved monument of different historical times and cultures, which set the boundaries and visible contours of its urban appearance, and as during the past centuries of turbulent history, it is still preserved by its four patron saints – St. Chrysogonus, St. Simeon, St. Anastasia and St. Zoilo. Would you like to meet the patron saints, hear the story about the nun Čika or walk through the Five wells square? Great, we can arrange it for you. Beside the above mentioned tours we organize thematic tours: a tour with stories about saints and churches, a tour with a story about World War II and Zadar, a tour with a story about the 4th crusade attack to Zadar, music tour, literary tour, wine tour, tour with a costumed guide and many others. 

We are welcoming you in Zadar and we will be happy to take you on a city tour you choose. Welcome to the ancient and proud city of Zadar!

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