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Zadar boat tours: The Best 6 Boat trips and excursions

There is a saying that Zadar has as many islands as there are days in one year. Zadar really has an amazing geographical position, it is located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea and is a place where combines outstanding nature and mild Mediterranean climate. Zadar region with an archipelago of over 300 islands is an ideal destination for all those who like to spend the time the sea and adventurers who want to discover hidden beaches, charming fishing villages or uninhabited islands.

Find out which are the best 6 Zadar boat tours in which  you will discover the most beautiful locations, pick one tour for yourself and let the experienced crew take care of you during your sea adventure.

1. Full-day boat trip to Kornati National park and Telašćica Nature park


Enjoy a relaxing boat ride through the numerous islands, islets and reefs of the Zadar Riviera and meet the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean – Kornati National Park.
Kornati National park consists of 89 uninhabited islands, and the name of the park comes from the Latin word “corona” which means crown. According to legend, God created the Kornati islands from white rocks that remained unused after the creation of the world. He threw them into the sea, looked at them, and concluded that there was nothing he should fix. That was the crown of his work.
During the full day trip to the Kornati and Telašćica National Park you will get to know the unusual islands of the Kornati archipelago (such as Tanjurić – looking like a small plate), and you will stop at the Telašćica Nature Park where you will be able to enjoy the bay with crystal clear sea. If you are adventurous, head to the famous “Rocks”, the largest cliff on the Adriatic that reaches a height of 161 m.
There is also a salt lake in the park, which has a higher salinity than the nearby sea, while the healing mud from the lake is rich in minerals and believed to have healing properties.
The boat departs from Zadar in the morning, and you will return to Zadar in the afternoon, around 17:30.

2. Full-day tour to Kornati and Telašćica with a speed-boat


A full day trip by fast boat to Telašćica and Kornati is a real sea adventure during which you will get to know the best of Telašćica and Kornati, and you will enjoy a speedboat ride that can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.
First you will stop in Telašćica in the bay Mir and experience everything it has to offer: clear sea, highest cliffs in the Adriatic and a salt lake. You will then hop on a boat and the skipper will take you to the next stop, the island of Mana in the Kornati National Park. There you will discover the famous cliffs for which the Kornati are famous, but also the remains of a rustic village built in stone for the film made during the 60’s when the island of Mana served as a movie scene and represented a Greek island.
After that you will stop on the largest island in the park, the island of Kornat and you will see the mysterious fortress of Tureta. Then follows the island of Levrnaka, with deeply cut bays and the beautiful sandy beach of Lojena. On your way back, you will stop in Sali, a fishing village on Dugi otok and then return to Zadar.

3. Half-day tour to Kornati National park and Telašćica with a speed boat


If you can’t spend the whole day on a trip, and still do not want to miss the opportunity to visit the Kornati and Telašćica, then a half-day trip by fast boat is the right choice for you. The trip lasts 4.5 hours and you will see the magnificent cliffs in the Telašćica Nature Park and stop on the island of Levrnaka, where you will enjoy the turquoise sea of the sandy bay Lojena.

4. Full-day boat tour to Sakarun beach from Zadar


If you want to visit the most famous beach in Zadar, the sandy bay Sakarun at the best price with breakfast and lunch included, then a full day boat trip from Zadar to Sakarun beach is the right thing for you. Sakarun is a magical bay with fine white sand and turquoise sea located in the northern part of Dugi otok. This beach is included in the club of 25 most beautiful beaches in the world.
During the boat ride you will enjoy spending time on a comfortable modern boat with an air-conditioned lounge, while the upper deck is serves as a sundeck.

5. Half-day tour to Sakarun with a speed boat from Zadar


A half-day trip to Sakarun from Zadar is specially created for all those who want to enjoy the turquoise lagoon, with white sand and crystal clear sea and have just 4,5 hours of free time. You will love swimming in the warm sea of a unique turquoise color, relax in the shade of pine trees or refresh yourself with a cocktail in the nearby beach bar. During the trip you will stop at the place where the sunken cargo ship is located and you will be able to dive with the fish.

6. Full-day tour to Dugi otok with a speed boat from Zadar


A full day trip to Dugi otok with a fast boat from Zadar will reveal the best of this unique island. During the trip you will visit the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic and the picturesque Veli Rat. You will swim on the beautiful sandy beach Sakarun and on the undiscovered beach Veli Žal which has an incredibly transparent sea of beautiful blue color.

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