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Trips on Velebit mountain: what to see and which activity to choose

Velebit mountain is situated in Zadar hinterland, and it is adorned with a unique beauty and a specific position between the sea and the mainland. Its size and unique landscape amaze many visitors and fans of nature and active holidays. It attracts attention with its stunning peaks, karst phenomena and biodiversity. This beautiful landscape provides opportunities for many activities, and we bring you some of them!



Velebit mountain is the longest mountain in Croatia. In its 145 km length, it has as many as 2 national parks, and the entire mountain area has been declared a Nature Park and is also the largest protected area in Croatia. Due to its value and significance for the conservation of biological diversity, it is included in the network of international biosphere reserves of UNESCO.
Due to the extremely diverse and rich landscape, Velebit is a place that has many opportunities for exploration. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, or you would like to get to know the diverse world of flora and fauna.
Velebit Nature Park is the most important “center of endemic species” in Croatia. On Velebit have been recorded 79 endemic species, and the mountain is home to: the brown bear (Ursus arctos), the wolf (Canis lupus) and the lynx (Lynx lynx).


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Velebit has always connected the coast with the rest of Croatia, so for this purpose were built traffic connections that have been extremely important. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Habsburg Monarchy built several important roads across Velebit due to the development of trade and traffic, and the Master’s Road is one of them. It is a 41 km long road completely completed in 1832.
The road stretches in the direction from St. Rok in the direction of Obrovac, and passes by the mountain top Tulove grede.
This road was named after the advanced construction techniques used to build the road through the impassable mountain. According to legend, the workers complained that it was extremely difficult to dig through the living rocks of the mountain, so a road engineer offered them a measure of gold for the same weight of excavated stone.



Tulove grede (eng. Tulo’s rafters) are mountain top looking like steep rocky ridge made of limestone rocks that stretch for about one km, and the highest peak is 1120 m high. Various tales and legends are associated with this mountain. According to them, dragons laid here, and invisible Velebit fairies lived on the mountain. People believed that the Black Queen who brought misfortune lived there, as well.

Winnetou-Velebit-CroatiaDuring the 1960s, legendary films based on the novels of Karl May about the adventures of the Indian chief Winnetou were filmed at this location. Karl May is a German writer whose novels have been translated in about thirty foreign languages and printed in millions of copies. The Indian chief Winnetou from the film died on Mount Velebit, and after the death of the famous actor Pierre Brice who embodied the main character, his wife spilled his ashes on this mystical mountain. On the mountain is a memorial plaque with an inscription dedicated to Winnetou and Pierre Brice.


1. Jeep safari Velebit


Jeep safari on Velebit mountain offers you a unique opportunity to drive off-road vehicles on the old Master’s road, you will enjoy magnificent views from more than 1,000 m above sea level, and you will see Tulo’s rafters, unique karst phenomena and one of the most attractive mountain peaks. During the Jeep safari, you will stop at a traditional rural estate, located on a mountain. You will discover delicious traditional food that is usually served in this part of Croatia. Price per person is 670.00 kn or 91,00 eur. Click here to find a detailed excursion plan.

2. Tour to Velebit mountain and Zrmanja canyon


A trip to Velebit and the canyon of the river Zrmanja is an unforgettable adventure of hiking to the very top of Tulo’s rafters with the guidance of an experienced hiking guide. You will also visit a observatory with an amazing view of the magnificent canyon of the river Zrmanja. The trip lasts 5 hours and it is an ideal choice for those who are limited by time and want to see the best of the Velebit Nature Park. For tour program and reservations click here.

3. Hiking and cycling in Velebit Nature Park


Climbing and cycling on Velebit is a trip lasting 8.30 hours that will take you to the very top of Tulo’s rafters, you will ride a bike on Master’s road and enjoy the fresh air and unforgettable views of the Zadar hinterland and archipelago from more than 1000 meters height. For tour program and reservations click here.

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