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Top 7 sandy beaches in Zadar region you must visit

Anyone who has ever heard for Croatia, knows that it offers stunning beaches and crystal clear sea. Zadar region has plenty of sandy beaches, high number of  sunny hours and beautiful islands so it represents paradise destination for all those who want relaxed vacation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Check our list of top 7 sandy beaches in Zadar region that you shouldn’t miss during your summer vacation.

1. Sakarun beach, Dugi otok 


Sakarun is probably the most famous sandy beach in Zadar region. It is situated on the northern part of Dugi otok island (Croatian Long island). This large cove has fine white sand that gives the sea specific turquoise color. Sakarun is a member of the association “The most beautiful bays in the world” along with other beaches from 30 countries, from all continents around the world!
The sea is very shallow and very suitable for small children. There are two charming beach bars that offer refreshing drinks and snacks.
The beach is surrounded by pine forest that provides welcome shade during hot summer days.

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You can visit Sakarun on your own if you take a ferry from Zadar and then visit the beach by car or public bus. If you want to enjoy comfortable ride on a modern boat through islands of Zadar archipelago, without having any concerns about organizing the trip then you should book all-inclusive tour starting from Zadar or Petrčane and Vir. If you have just couple of hours of free time but still want to visit this beautiful beach, then Half-day tour to Sakarun by speed boat is the perfect choice.

2. Ljubač


Ljubač is a small coastal town located 26 km north from Zadar. It is quiet and secluded place, ideal for those looking for silence and a relaxing holiday. Its beaches are sandy and great for children who can play carefree and swim in the shore, because the depth of the sea does not exceed the knee even after a hundred meters. Pleasant sea temperatures will suit both older and the youngest visitors.

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3. Privlaka


Privlaka is an oasis of beautiful sandy coves. It is situated 23 km north from Zadar and there are several sandy beaches that you can visit: Mostina beach, Bilotnjak, Sabunike, Vrilo or Pliša beach, whichever you choose you will not be disappointed. Families with small children will enjoy the clear sea and playing games on the sand. In the dusk you can catch beautiful sunsets.

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4. Nin lagoon


Nin’s lagoon is situated in a charming historical town of Nin. The total length of the beaches in lagoon is about 8000 meters. The longest and most famous of them is the 3 km long, sandy Queen’s Beach. According to the legend, the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav, was especially attracted by its beauty, and each time the Royal Family would stay Nin they would visit this beach to enjoy rare relaxing moments there. Therefore the beach got the name Queen’s Beach. Close to the beach is the largest known location of medicinal mud in Croatia.

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5. Vrgada island


Vrgada is small island in Pakoštane Riviera, about 36 km from Zadar. The island has several permanent residents, it has no cars but offers everything within easy reach, you can eat in nice restaurants and refresh at the beach bars. It’s sandy coves, pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation will delight any visitor in search of a peaceful holiday.
To get to Vrgada you can take a ferry from Biograd or Pakoštane.

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6. Dječji raj, Sukošan

Sukošan is situated 26 km south from Zadar. Dječji raj (translated “Children paradise”) is the main beach that due to its shallow sea and sandy bottom, is a paradise for children and all those who, in addition to swimming, know how to enjoy various games in the sea. On the beach you can rent deck chairs and pedal boats and you can refresh yourself with ice cream or have a drink in one of the cafes, restaurants or beach bars. The beach has showers, changing cabins and eco toilets.

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7. Borik, Zadar

Borik is one of the city beaches in the city of Zadar, situated just 5 km from the Old town, within the Falkensteiner Hotel resort. During summer months you will need to pay the fee to enter the beach, and for the parking as well. Beach Borik has sandy, pebble and paved parts and pleases everyone’s taste. It is fully equipped with many facilities such as restaurants, bars, slides and playgrounds for children.

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