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The top 5 short trips in Zadar County

Zadar County has many interesting locations and stories to tell that you can discover if you take a short trip. With good organization such trips can turn into a wonderful experience that does not cost much, and in addition you will escape from everyday life to  enjoy beautiful nature. Our trips are simple and easy to make, with the same theme – discovering natural beauties. Further in tekst read our list of the top 5 short trips in Zadar County to give you a few ideas for a day in nature.

1. Zadar Panoramic flight


Panoramic flight with a plane Cessna 172 over Zadar County provides a top experience and you will see all the beauties of the landscape from a different perspective. The plane can accommodate a maximum of 3 passengers and is an ideal option for all those who are looking for something original and unusual. The most attractive routes have been created in accordance with our pilot and you can choose your favorite. Feel the adrenaline and capture unique photos of Zadar peninsula, the nearby islands of Ugljan and Pašman, Galešnjak, heart-shaped island, scattered islets of the Kornati archipelago, the marina in Sukošan or even the city Biograd. If you want a VIP route that will you, then be sure to choose a flight that includes all of the above and above the Krka National Park. Click on this link you can read more about the flight itself and the prices.

2. Kayak safari on Zrmanja river


Kayak safari on Zrmanja river is yet another trip and activity in Zadar County where you will see and learn a lot, including how to become a kayaker. Kayak safari is great for all ages and generations thanks to slightly different, wider and more stable boats, and even amateurs can embark on this adventure. No prior knowledge of kayaking is required, our instructors will guide you, and you can become a kayaker that can paddle downstream 14 km long route on beautiful Zrmanja. Sign up for a kayak safari by clicking on the link here.

3. Rafting on Zrmanja river


Rafting is for all those who, in addition to enjoying the beauties of nature, want to awaken the adventurous spirit. Zrmanja river is the right choice because you will enjoy three hours of rafting through the canyon in one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers and experience rapids, waterfalls, but also see quiet parts of the river with rich greenery. If you want to save some money, but also have an unforgettable experience on a trip, then rafting on Zrmanja river is definitely for you. By clicking on the link here you can sign up for raafting and spend a day full of fun, excitement, adventure and socializing in beautiful nature.

4. Stand up paddleboarding – SUP on Zrmanja river


SUP is an abbreviation for Stand-up paddle boarding, which means: you stand and row and it is a great way to exercise and recreation that takes place in natural environment on the river Zrmanja. The great thing is that the SUP is adapted to all ages. SUP can also be used by children, no special knowledge is required, just a little ability to maintain balance. SUP on the river Zrmanja lasts 2 hours and we recommend to make a reservation in advance. Send us a message or make a call and the equipment will be waiting for you ready at the agreed time.

5. Virtual Reality of Zadar’s history


Zadar’s history through virtual reality glasses offers a special experience of Zadar! You will see what the Forum built 2,000 years ago looked like, which was also the largest forum built in Croatia. You will experience Zadar in 1202 and watch the Crusader navy attacking the city. You will learn where the city market used to be and what Zadar looked like before the Second World War. Planes will fly above you, bomb the city just like in the World War II, and you will enter inside of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, and the church of St. Chrysogonus which is closed to the public. These are just some of the many interesting things that you will experience through virtual reality glasses and thus step into the exciting world of Zadar’s history. And you will not only watch, you will be able to turn in space and all the time you will see revived historic buildings, animations, sound effects, and the audio guide will tell you interesting facts about Zadar and what you are watching at the moment. Book your tour on the link here.

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