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The best of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11 days, Private tour

You want to see the best of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Get to know thousand-year-old cities, enjoy the natural beauties, taste well-known Croatian and Bosnian specialties. Spend 11 unforgettable days in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and experience them in all their beauties.

Zagreb – Opatija – Hum – Motovun – Poreč – Rovinj – Pula – Rastoke – National park Plitvice – Zadar – Šibenik – Trogir – Split – Hvar – Ston – Dubrovnik – Mostar – Sarajevo

11 days, 10 nights (2 overnights in Opatija, 2 overnights in Zadar, 2 overnights in Split, 2 overnights in Dubrovnik, 1 overnight in Sarajevo, 1 overnight in Zagreb)

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COVID-19 precautions: We’re enforcing extra health and safety measures, focused on small-group tours and visits of cultural sites and national parks are scheduled in a period outside of rush-hour.



DAY 1: Arrival in Zagreb, Zagreb- Opatija
Arrival in Zagreb. Get to know the last European lighters who hand-lit street lanterns in the old town of Zagreb, take pictures in front of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world with its two unique 105 meter high bell towers. After the traditional welcome dinner departure to Opatija for overnight stay.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Dinner in Zagreb around 7:00 pm

DAY 2: Opatija-Hum-Motovun-Rovinj-Pula-Opatija
After breakfast take the culture, food and wine route through the Istrian peninsula, where medieval towns are located on hills surrounded by forests and vineyards where you will taste some of the world’s top recognized and famous wines, which, combined with these fabulous locations and a bit of alcohol in your blood will create an unreal idyll. You will visit several fairytale cities, including the smallest city in the world, the city of Hum, where you will try medicinal mistletoe brandy made for centuries following the same recipe. After lunch in the inland of Istria, you will head out to the sea, where small towns on the coast are located. First stop is in Rovinj. Rovinj is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world that seems to grow out of the sea. After Rovinj, you will have another special city, the city of Pula, whose Roman amphitheater with four stair towers is a rare example of unique technical and technological solutions. It is the 6th largest Roman amphitheater in the world and is the only one in the world whose all three Roman architectural orders are completely preserved. After dinner near the amphitheater return to the hotel for overnight.
Accommodation: Hotel 4*
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch at the farmhouse around 2:00 pm, dinner at 7:00 pm
Activity: 12 hours, light
Transport: 240 kilometers, approx. 4:30 hours of driving

DAY 3: Opatija-Rastoke-Plitvice Lakes-Zadar
After breakfast check out from the accommodation free time for sightseeing Opatija, a popular tourist destination for many historical figures such as Wilhelm II, Francis Joseph, Empress Sissy, Gustav Mahler, Isadora Duncan and many others. Find out why Opatija was a popular destination for them, as it is for many of today’s visitors. After sightseeing Opatija, continue your journey to the most beautiful and most visited national park in Croatia. Before arriving at National park Plitvice Lakes, you will visit another Croatian pearl, the small town of Rastoke. You will dine there as the river flows below your feet, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, old mills and magical paths that take you through this aquatic world. After lunch we come to the N.P.Plitvice Lakes. The Plitvice Lakes are made up of 16 large and small turquoise lakes that flow from one to the other, creating many magnificent waterfalls and thus in a 5460 meter long aerial line. Because of its uniqueness, the Plitvice Lakes are called the land of falling lakes and the land where rocks grow. After sightseeing of Plitvice Lakes continue to Zadar for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch in Rastoke around 1:00 pm, dinner in Korenica at 6:30 pm
Activity: Medium, 13 hours
Transport: 320 kilometers, approx. 4:30 hrs. in 4 times

DAY 4: Zadar
After breakfast, transport to the airport for a 1 hour panoramic flight over N.P.Kornati. From a bird’s eye view, you will understand why Croatia is the most desirable world charter destination with over 1200 islands. After the flight, return to the city of Zadar for lunch and a tour of the city, that was added in 2017 on the UNESCO’s list of immovable material heritage. Explore the unique worldwide attraction of the Sea Organ near which is another attraction of the new age The Greeting to the Sun. Visiting famous locations, discover the rich but very bloody medieval history of one of the most fortified and beautiful medieval cities in the world. Sitting on the beautiful waterfront of Zadar, see, as Alfred Hitchcock said, the most beautiful sunset in the world. After the sun goes down, dinner is served at a local tavern with delicacies of the area. After dinner return to hotel for overnight stay.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 8:00 am, lunch in Zadar at around 1:00 pm, dinner in Zadar at around 6:30 pm
Activity: Easy, 11 hours
Transport: 50 kilometers, approximately 1 hour drive in 3 times

DAY 5: Zadar-Šibenik-Trogir-Split
After breakfast, check out from the hotel and continue traveling to another UNESCO attraction, the city of Šibenik. Šibenik has two of its popular buildings on the UNESCO list, the St. James Cathedral and the Fortress of St. Nikola. City tour with a local guide, and after that you will visit a unique world cathedral because of its construction method. After a tour of the Cathedral of Sts. James and the center of a small stone town, you will visit the fortress of Barone which sits above the city as well as the other two forts that together formed the city’s defense system. Besides the beautiful panorama view from the fort, yo will be able to see an interactive siege of the town of Šibenik from its past. We continue our trip to the city of Trogir that was proclaimed by National Geographic as the most beautiful island city in the world. The entire city of Trogir is on the UNESCO list of immovable cultural heritage. Meet its narrow cobblestone streets, and once you enter the city you feel like you have walked through a time gate and returned to the early Middle Ages. Lunch in the city center and a short leisure time after lunch. After a short break, we continue our journey towards another UNESCO and Croatian pearl, the city of Split. By arriving in Split, check-in to the hotel and an evening tour in the city of Split with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian’s Palace. The Diocletian’s Palace is bigger than some cities in Croatia and the center of all cultural and tourist events of the city. Because of its size and the wealth it used to build, it was probably one of the triggers for the recent dissolution of the Roman Empire. The Western Roman Empire was also extinguished at Diocletian’s Palace by the murder of the last renowned Roman emperor Julius Nepot. After a city tour, dinner at one of the renowned restaurants in the palace itself and return for an overnight stay at the hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch in Trogir at around 1:00 pm, dinner in Split at around 7:00 pm
Activity: 12 hours, light
Transport: 150 kilometers, approximately 3 hours drive in 3 times

DAY 6:  Split-island Hvar-Split
After an early breakfast, departure at 08:30 from the ferry port to the island of Hvar, one of the first inhabited islands in these areas, which is also on the UNESCO list with its unique Greek system of parcelization of the Old Town field, which has not changed 2400 years since the beginning of Greek colonization of the island of Hvar. All later subdivisions of the land (Roman, medieval, and modern) always took place within the basic Greek particles, and were physically characterized always in the same way – by the erection of larger or smaller stone walls built in dry stone technique. The Old Town field is the largest and most fertile field on the Adriatic islands. Even today, as well as throughout its history, it has retained its agricultural purpose, without major modern construction that would compromise the original image. Even agricultural crops – olives and vines are permanent. In recent times, lavender also decorates this UNESCO treasure.
Walking through this unique locality through olive trees and vineyards we will taste the benefits of this historic area. After tasting the best Hvar wines and olive oil, we continue our journey to the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar. Lunch at a local restaurant with local delicacies. After lunch, sightseeing and leisure time. After the break, return by ferry to Split at 7:30 pm. Short walk through town and dinner. After dinner return to the hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch in Hvar at around 1:00 pm, dinner in Split at 8:00 pm
Activity: light, 13 hours
Transport: 95 kilometers, boat ride approximately 2:40 hours in 2 times, 40 kilometers by car approximately 40 minutes in 2 times

DAY 7: Split-Ston-Dubrovnik
After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive through the town of Omiš and its magnificent canyon on the mouth of the river Cetina. Short side stops for unforgettable panoramas and to make some photos. We continue our trip to the small historic town of Ston surrounded by the longest defensive walls in Europe. Sightseeing of Ston and lunch at a local tavern where we will immediately taste some of the finest wines of the area. After lunch, we continue our trip to Dubrovnik. By arriving in Dubrovnik, check-in to the hotel and a short break. Transport from the hotel to the nearby old town and at 6:00 pm, by passing through the wooden bridge and the huge ramparts, you enter the Middle Ages. Walking through history you will see why this is one of the most beautiful medieval cities that has been on the UNESCO list since 1979. After a short tour of the city, dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner a short drive to the hotel for overnight.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch in Ston at around 1:00 pm, dinner in Dubrovnik at around 8:00 pm
Activity: light, 13 hours
Transport: 250 kilometers, approx. 4 hours drive in 3 times

DAY 8: Dubrovnik
After breakfast, a tour in the old town of Dubrovnik that is surrounded by its high walls and towers, within are located: Stradun main street, Rector’s Palace, Cathedral, Church of St. Blaise, three monasteries, the Customs building and the City Hall. After a tour through the city with a local guide, we continue with a boat tour around the walls that are rising from the sea. After seeing the walls and the island of Lokrum from the sea, return to the old town for lunch and free time to visit the city along the city walls, for those looking for walks with unique views. After free time, departure by cable car towards Srđ Hill, located on a mountain that offers an unforgettable panorama of the old town. There is also a fort on the hill that houses the Museum of Homeland War. In the museum you can see videos and pictures of the destruction of the old town and its surroundings, as well as the weapons used by the small population to defend themselves from the third world force in that time, the Yugoslav People’s Army. After sightseeing, return to the hotel for a short break before dinner. After the rest departure to the old town for dinner. After dinner and a bottle of good wine, return to the hotel for overnight.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 8:00 am, lunch in the Old Town around 1:00 pm, dinner in the Old Town at 8:00 pm
Activity: 8 hours, light
Transport: 20 kilometers, approximately 1 hour drive in 4 times

DAY 9: Dubrovnik-Mostar-Sarajevo
After breakfast, check out from the hotel and we continue the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina where UNESCO’s bloody pearl with not exactly a beautiful past is located. Find out why the Old Bridge in Mostar was demolished. Find out how yesterday’s partners in the war, Croats and Bosniaks, that fight against the Yugoslav People’s Army and rebel Serbs from Bosnia, raised their arms at each other and at their disgrace demolished this magnificent bridge built by Sulejman the Magnificent in 1566. Walk across the rebuilt bridge to find out what happened and who demolished the bridge. Lunch at a local restaurant with local delicacy ćevapi in flat bread and other meat dishes. After lunch, departure to the city of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Arriving in Sarajevo, check in to the hotel and take a short break. After the break we take a short tour in the old town center, Baščaršija, known for its old crafts and handmade items. After sightseeing, dinner at the famous restaurant in Baščaršija. After dinner, return to the hotel for overnight.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch in Mostar at around 1:00 pm, dinner in Sarajevo at 8:00 pm
Activity: 12 hours, light
Transport: 260 kilometers, approx. 4:30 hrs in 2 times

DAY 10: Sarajevo- Zagreb
After breakfast check out from the hotel and sightseeing with a local guide. Sightseeing of one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans, which was inhabited in the early Stone Age, and in the 15th century became the Ottoman capital in Europe. Take a look around Sarajevo’s most famous buildings and visit the place of the assassination where Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophia, which triggered the outbreak of World War I. Find out the recent bloody history of this city and how it became the city with the longest siege in the siege history of a city. After sightseeing, lunch and departure to Zagreb. Arriving in Zagreb, check in to the hotel and leave for dinner in the old town. After dinner return to hotel for overnight stay.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: breakfast at 8:00 am, lunch in Sarajevo at 12:00 pm, dinner in Zagreb at 8:00 pm
Activity: Easy, 13 hours
Transportation: 410 kilometers, approx. 5:30 hrs with 2 breaks

DAY 11: Zagreb- Zagreb Airport
After breakfast, check out of the hotel and, depending on the flight, transportation to the airport or leisure in the city of Zagreb until departure to the airport.
Meals: breakfast at 8:00 am
Transport: 20 kilometers, approximately 30 minutes drive

PRICE: from 21.150,00 Kn or 2.820,00 Eur

Notice: this multi-day tour is for max. 7 people, more can apply on a request


  • Transfer from the airport and back to the airport in  Zagreb
  • 10 nights with breakfast in a 4 * hotel in a double room (Opatija 2N, Zadar 2N, Split 2N, Dubrovnik 2N, Sarajevo 1N i Zagreb 1N)
  • Tour guide for 11 days (also a licensed guide for Zadar, Šibenik, Split)
  • Transport with air-conditioned van 8 + 1 (2300 kilometers in total)
  • Driver for 11 days
  • 8 nights with breakfast in a 4 * hotel in a double room (Opatija 2N, Split 2N, Dubrovnik 2N, Sarajevo 1N i Zagreb 1N) for the tour guide and driver
  • Welcome dinner and farewell dinner
  • Meals for the tour guide and driver
  • Tickets for N.P.Plitvice Lakes
  • Tickets for Rastoke Village
  • Local guide for Zagreb, Opatiju, Dubrovnik, Mostar i Sarajevo
  • Ferry to the Island Hvar
  • Sojourn tax
  • Insolvency insurance
  • Travel organization
  • VAT


  • Flight to and from Zagreb
  • Meals, Lunch / Dinner 19 meals
  • Panoramic flight over NP Kornati, Zadar, the heart island Galešnjak
  • Boat trip around Dubrovnik
  • Wine, liquor and olive oil tastings (Hum, Motovun, Hvar)
  • Tasting in local taverns / restaurants after lunch / dinner
  • Tickets (churches, museums, fortresses, walls)
  • Travel health insurance

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Tour plan can be adjusted to suit your interests and wishes. We can change the tour plan, recommend you another activity or exclude some transfers that you feel doesn’t suit your needs.

This multy-day tour can be organized even as a group tour, for a lager groups of people.
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