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Team building: ideas and activities

Team building has become an important part of the strategy of many companies in the last few years. Whether it’s just a shared barbecue or a group outdoor activity such as rafting, various sports, adrenaline park visits or other activities, more and more companies are realizing the importance of team building for more satisfied employees and better development of their company. Here are some ideas how to organize a perfect team building and what activities we recommend.Team buiding_Magic Croatia

Team building refers to the activities of employees outside the company that serve to improve the productivity and efficiency of the company and increase employee motivation. The main purpose of team building is to improve cooperation and create trust among employees and encourage communication. Every company is a big team and no matter how professional an individual is, he cannot provide optimal results if he does not have a quality relationship and communication with others from his team. Therefore, it is very important to work on communication within the company in order to ultimately lead to better business and overall satisfaction.

For this reason, companies organize various activities outside or within the company so their employees can relax, have fun, get to know each other and together solve tasks and obstacles that do not concern everyday tasks.

Take a look at some of the most popular team building activities in Zadar Region:

1. Jeep safari on Velebit mountain


Professional drivers will take you through inaccessible roads, wild trails and steep climbs in the Velebit Nature Park. This unforgettable ride through the Velebit mountain, the canyon of the river Zrmanja and the old macadam road Majstorska cesta is full of adrenaline!  The ride is combined with numerous stops and you will enjoy a unique view from the 1,100 m high peak, you will visit Tulove grede, one of the most attractive mountain peaks, and you will discover the magnificent canyon of the river Zrmanja and ride on the old macadam road that was the first road that connected continental Croatia with the coast.
Beside that lunch will be served on a family farm on the mountain and you will taste traditional dishes typical for this area.
See more about this tour here: https://www.magic-croatia.hr/en/velebit-jeep-safari/

2. Kajak safari/rafting on Zrmanja river

Team building_Magic Croatia

If you are looking for adrenaline, fun, and at the same time for relaxing in nature, then we recommend that you spend the day in the canyon of the river Zrmanja, a place without a cell phone signal and beautiful untouched nature.
Kayak safari on the river Zrmanja (see here) is a real treat for anyone looking for great outdoor activities. Kayaking is an exciting adventure with a skipper through a 14 km long trail down the emerald green river Zrmanja with numerous rapids and waterfalls. You can also take your camera with you and keep it in a waterproof box and take photos of the magnificent nature.
If the water level of the river is high, the river is suitable for rafting tours, and if it is low for kayak tours.
Ako je vodostaj rijeke visok, rijeka je pogodna za rafting ture, a ako je nizak za kajak ture.

3. Boat tour


Zadar has really an amazing geographical position, it is located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea and is a place where the beauty of nature and mild Mediterranean climate combine. Zadar region with an archipelago of over 300 islands is an ideal destination for all those who like to enjoy the the sea and adventurers who want to discover hidden beaches, charming fishing villages or uninhabited islands.
We offer a diverse selection of boats (traditional wooden boats, smaller motor boats, speedboats, etc.) it is up to you to let us know how many people will be on board and we will find the most suitable boat for you at the best price.
You can choose whether you want lunch included in the price and we also organize boat tours for smaller groups (8-15 people) and for larger groups (20 to 50 people).

4. Zadar walking tour with Virtual Reality experience 


Zadar walking tour with virtual reality experience is a walk through the old city with a professional assistant to the 8 most attractive locations where you will discover with the help of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses how Zadar looked in the past. In addition to the virtual display, the audio guide provides the most important information about Zadar and historical events. You do not have to imagine what Zadar used to look like, instead you will put on VR glasses, step into the virtual world and experience key moments in Zadar’s history and experience Zadar in a new and innovative way. You will see numerous animations, 3D models of historic buildings, 360 ° views and enjoy rich sound effects. Price and more information about the VR tour can be found at the link.

Choose your date for team building and leave the stressful organization of transportation, accommodation and activities to us. Provide the employees with some of the best experiences that we already organized for others.

Send your inquiries and suggestions to info@magic-croatia.hr or contact us at +385 91 619 4949.


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