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Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

DATES: by appointment


Medjugorje is a place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically southern Herzegovina where is the Mediterranean climate. The name Medjugorje is of Slavic origin and means the area between two mountains. The whole region is inhabited by Croats who received Christianity before the 13th century. In Medjugorje, 1892 was founded the parish, which is dedicated to St. James, patron saint of pilgrims. At the top of the hill Cross in 1933, the cross with the inscription: Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the human race, was built as a sign of their faith, love and hope, in remembrance of the 1900 years since when Jesus died. In 1981  begun alleged apparitions of Our Lady. Six young, later named visionaries, saw on the hill Crnica, several hundred meters above the place called Podbrdo, a young woman with a child in her arms who showed them with gestures to came closer. Since then 25th June is celebrated as the anniversary of the apparitions. Medjugorje is known as a gathering place for believers which annually attracts more than a million of the faithful. Everyone comes for the sake of their own needs and intentions. Although Medjugorje is not officially recognized as a shrine, Cardinal dr. Franjo Kuharic, archbishop of Zagreb, for newspaper Glas Koncila in year 1993, said: “We bishops, after a three-year-long commission study accept Medjugorje as a holy place, as a shrine. This means that we have nothing against if someone venerates the Mother of God in a manner and in accordance with the Church’s doctrine and faith … Therefore leaving that to further study. Church does not hurry.”

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Plan of the trip:


Departure at 10:00 from Zadar.

Check-in at accommodation in Medjugorje that is located next to the hill Cross. Lunch.

After lunch, the departure of the Apparition Hill.

The tour of the church and the possibility for confession.

Free time. Overnight stay.


Breakfast in accommodation, going to Holy Mass (optional).

Tour of town Mostar, and returning into the accommodation for lunch.

Departure toward Zadar in 16:30.

The price includes:

  • transfer
  • accommodation
  • breakfast
  • 2 lunches
  • tour of town Mostar
  • travel guide
  • travel insurance
  • guaranteed payback
  • statutory VAT
  • the costs of organizing the trip

The price does not include:

  • personal consumption

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In Medjugorje as payment instrument you can use the Convertible Mark, Euro and Croatian Kuna.



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