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Istrian thermal resort

Istrian thermal resort has nestled in a valley of Mirna river and under 85 m high rock. Surrounded by thick woods, it represents ideal peace oasis. The spring is known for its highly sulfur content and warm water that contains 13 sorts of minerals which has been proven to be healing.

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  • visit Istrian thermal resort which is listed as third place in Europe when it comes to water quality and its healing properties
  • enjoy luxurious spa and wellness treatments that include extraordinary therapeutic water and curative mud
  • spend time in untouched nature and hike to the top of huge rock Gorostas or visit nearby Motovun, the smallest city in the world

Thermal spring was used since antique times and first water analysis was made in 19th century, after that the property owner decided to built a health resort under the name of San Stefano. Istrian thermal resort was recommended as one of the best in the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.
Today it is a modern facility with 200 beds and receives guests from all over the Europe who come looking for therapies and want to use the greatest benefits of the mineral water.


The water of Istrian thermal resort is sulphurous with natural radiation and contains sodium, calcium, chlorine and other minerals (13 sorts). The temperature of water is between 32ºC and 34°C. Sulphur and natural radioactivity in the water have a beneficial effect to inflammation, reduce pain and improve circulation and metabolism.
Extraordinary therapeutic properties of the water place Istrian thermal resort at the third position of the European rank-list by the quality of water and therapeutic properties. Due to strong therapeutic properties of the water, it is recommended to take only one bath per day and no longer than half an hour.

Curative mud is prepared in a particular manner and combines thermal and mineral water with mud that is being applied directly on skin.

The healing effect of of sulfur is especially beneficial for all those having problems with allergic reactions and upper respiratory tract.


All sorts of experienced specialists created different therapeutic treatments that include hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, cinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, aromatherapy and inhalation.
All the treatments achieve exceptional results and have been proven scinetifically to help people suffering from: chronic rheumatic diseases, dermatological diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis), diseases of upper respiratory system and degenerative diseases of locomotor system.
In Istrian thermal resort you can enjoy various wellness and spa treatments like full body aromatherapy and detox, or lymph drainage.
Resort includes and infra-red sauna, aroma steam bath, chromo sauna and Finish sauna that will detox your body and help you reduce the stress.

Standard room with breakfast
from 355,00 HRK or 48,00 EUR

Superior room with breakfast
from 425,00 HRK or 58,00 EUR

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Istrian thermal resort is 35 km distant from Poreč, 10 km from Buzet, only 40 km far from the Italian border and 10 km from the Slovenian border.

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