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Discover Zrmanja river: things to see, trips and activities

Zrmanja river is often called “Beauty and the beast” and it is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. Zrmanja river flows through rough karst landscape and creates many amazing waterfalls. Before the river flows into the sea, it flows through a magnificent canyon that attracts many visitors with its beauty and this location has served as a backdrop for world-famous films about Winnetou.


Zrmanja Canyon-Magic Croatia

The river Zrmanja is a river that springs in the southern part of Lika region. The river is 69 km long and on its upper course it flows through fertile karst fields. Further downriver are 6 narrow canyons, of which the most famous and most impressive is the canyon on the last 2 km of the river that stretches all the way to the point where the river flows into the Novigrad Sea. In this canyon, the river Zrmanja is surrounded by cliffs that reach a height of up to 200 m. This canyon is protected as a significant geomorphological nature site. If you take a closer look, you will be able to see the remains of the fortress “Pržunac”, which is considered to be the last dungeon of the Croatian queen Jelena.

Kayak safari Zrmanja-Magic CroatiaBetween villages Kaštel Žegarski and Berberov buk is located a canyon which is particularly interesting to those that like adrenalin rush. This is where the rafting and kayaking tours take place. With numerous waterfalls and rapids this part of Zrmanja is ideal for water sports. Due to wild rapids and magnificent nature, this part of the river is called “Beauty and the Beast”.


Zrmanja river has another nickname, and it is “Hidden beauty” because it is hard to approach the river through the steep canyon.
You can discover Zrmanja on 2 ways: cruising on a river in a boat on river’s lower flow or by rowing in a kayak on river’s upper flow. Whatever you choose we guarantee you that stunning beauty of the river will leave you speechless.

Half-day boat tour on Zrmanja river

Zrmanja brod_Magic Croatia

Half-day boat tour on Zrmanja river lasts 6 hours and will take you to impressive Zrmanja canyon. The tour starts in Novigrad where you will cruise across Novigrad sea towards Zrmanja canyon. You will have unique chance to admire steep cliffs that reach 200 m height. First stop is swimming on the first waterfalls on Zrmanja river – Jankovića buk. The boat will stop there so you can swim right next to the waterfall. Afterwards you will enjoy in a relaxing ride towards Novigrad sea and you will have one more stop to swim in the sea.

Kayak/Rafting at Zrmanja river 

Kayak safari Zrmanja- Magic Croatia

Kayak safari on Zrmanja river (see details here) is a tour for all those who are looking for an active vacation and great outdoor activities. Kayaking is an adventure with a skipper through a 14 km long trail down the emerald green river Zrmanja with numerous rapids and waterfalls. You can also take your camera with you and keep it in a waterproof box and photograph the magnificent nature.
If the water level of the river is high, the river is suitable for rafting tours, and if it is low for kayak tours.

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