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Dalmatian cities and national parks, 8 days, Private tour

Visit national parks and get to know the unique and diverse nature of Croatia. Discover the beauty and charm of Croatian cities and small towns and experience their history by walking along the narrow cobbled streets.

Zadar – National park Plitvice – Rastoke – National park Krka – Šibenik – Klis – Split – Trogir – Nin – Pag – National park Kornati – Nature park Telašćica

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8 days, 7 nights (7 overnights in Zadar)

COVID-19 precautions: We’re enforcing extra health and safety measures, focused on small-group tours and visits of cultural sites and national parks are scheduled in a period outside of rush-hour.



Day 1: Arrival in Zadar

Check in at the airport and transport to the hotel in Zadar. By arriving at the hotel you have some free time until the dinner. Welcome dinner at traditional Zadar restaurant, after dinner return to hotel for overnight stay.
Transfer: from Zemunik Airport to hotel in Zadar 20 kilometers / 30 minutes
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Dinner at the restaurant at 7:00 pm

Day 2: Jeep safari and sightseeing in Zadar

After breakfast, we set off on a jeep safari along the longest Croatian mountain, Velebit, which separates continental Croatia from coastal Croatia, as well as the continental climate from the Mediterranean climate on the coast. Almost the entire Velebit Mountain is a protected area with two national parks, one nature park and two protected reserves. On Velebit you will see unique peaks recognized by the film industry long who made some of the world famous films on Velebit. The most famous is certainly the film about the Indian chief Winnetou, who was filmed on Velebit on several occasions. After lunch, return to Zadar for virtual city tour with virtual glasses that will reproduce the 2000 years old history of Zadar. After sightseeing free time until tomorrow.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast 7:30 am, Mountain lunch around 2:00 pm
Activity: light, 12 hours
Transportation: 130 kilometers

Day 3: Zadar-National Park Plitvice Lakes-Rastoke-Zadar

After breakfast departure to the most beautiful Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes. Sightseeing of the park for 3 to 4 hours depending on the crowd. Plitvice Lakes are one of the most attractive National Parks in the world and the only park in the world where tuff grow up to 90 centimeters in 30 years, while the world average is only a few centimeters. For this reason it was also called the Land of the Falling Lakes and the Land where the stones grow. After sightseeing of Plitvice Lakes, we continue our journey to nearby Rastoke where we are scheduled to have lunch at a local restaurant where the fish swim in the streams under your feet. Rastoke is a suburban town of Slunj located on the river Slunjčica. The settlement was originally created as a settlement of mills for various cereals and a laundry for woolen objects. . The Slunjčica river is filled with wild trout which you can taste at the restaurant caught directly from the streams. After sightseeing of Rastoke return to Zadar and rest till tomorrow.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch around 2:30 pm
Activity: Slow, 11 hours
Transport: 400 kilometers, approx. 4 hours drive in two times

Day 4: Zadar-Nationalpark Krka-Šibenik-Zadar

After breakfast, visit the second most visited Croatian park, the Krka National Park. The Krka National Park is located near the historic town of Šibenik. The national park is dominated by waterfalls, lakes, remains of Roman aqueducts and camps and numerous forts from the 14th century. The Krka River flows through a 75 km long stone canyon and flows into the Adriatic Sea near Šibenik. Krka was proclaimed as a national park in 1985 and is best known for its waterfalls: Skradinski buk, Roški
waterfall, Bilišića buk, Brljanski waterfall, Manojlovac and Miljacka waterfall. The second hydroelectric power plant in the world was built at the foot of Skradinski Buk 2 days after the hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls in 1895. After sightseeing, you will visit a nearby farmhouse where you will taste their products and have lunch. After the lunch a short drive to
Šibenik. Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic and is located at the mouth of the Krka River. Šibenik’s Cathedral of Saint Jacob was built for over hundred years. It is special in that it is entirely made of stone. It is also unique in that it was created by positioning stone slabs and ribs
without using any binder. After sightseeing of Šibenik return to Zadar and rest till tomorrow.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast at 08:00 am, lunch at 1: 30 pm
Activity: Easy, 9 hours
Transport: 200 kilometers, approx. 2: 30h ride in 4 times

Day 5: Zadar-Klis-Split-Trogir-Zadar, Game of Thrones tour

After breakfast departure to the Klis fortress located at the top of a inaccessible cliff. The fortress had a historical significance in the defense of these area. Klis was the first Croatian capital and the royal capital of the Trpimirovic dynasty. Nowadays, it is booming again after being one of the premier locations for the Game of Thrones series, known in the series as the town of Meereen, the city where slaves lived. After the fort tour follows a short drive to Split. Split is the largest coastal city in Croatia, known for its rich historical heritage and Emperor Diocletian who built the palace there. Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. Because of its size and the wealth it used to build, it was probably one of the triggers for the accelerated decline of the Roman Empire. In the Diocletian’s Palace the Western Roman Empire was extinguished by the murder of the last recognized Roman emperor Julius Nepot. After lunch in this magical city, continue the journey to nearby Trogir. Trogir is located on an island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo. It was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the 3rd century BC. Trogir is considered to be the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in Central Europe. It captivates visitors with its numerous cultural and historical monuments, small streets and art collections with numerous masterpieces. Since 1997, the entire city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
National Geographic has declared it the most beautiful island city in the world. After sightseeing of Trogir, return to Zadar and rest till tomorrow.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast at 07:30 am, lunch at 1:30 pm
Activity: light, 11 hours
Transport: 320 kilometers, approximately 3:15 h driving in 4 times

Day 6: Zadar-Nin-island Pag-Zadar

After breakfast departure to the town of Nin. Nin is one of the smallest cities in Croatia, but also one of the most important cities in Croatian history. The center of the ancient town is an islet, 500 meters in diameter, connected by two bridges to the mainland. In the sandy lagoon that surrounds it on one side of the town is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, known as the Queen’s Beach, and on the other side of the city is an ancient saltwork, which still produces one of the best salts.
Continue to the island of Pag. The island of Pag is known as Moon Island or Stone Island, and because of this it has the best cheeses in the world. On this stingy karst grows only medicinal herb that is food for the sheeps, and because of that is this the best lamb and cheese. Sightseeing of the small stone town of Pag and a visit to the Gligora factory, which has the highest awards in cheese production, you will taste several types of award-winning cheese, prosciutto and wine. After the tasting, we continue to the olive groves, and you will walk through the olive grove where some olives are over 1600 years old. After this walk you will taste the oils of these unique olives. After the tasting, return to Zadar and rest till tomorrow.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast at 08:00 am, tasting at 2:00 pm / decent lunch replacement
Activity: light, 11 hours
Transport: 170 kilometers, approx. 2:15 h ride in five times

Day 7: Zadar-National park Kornati and Nature park Telašćica-Zadar

After breakfast, take a boat ride to the National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telašćica. National Park Kornati consists of 89 uninhabited islands and islets. The Kornati islands are the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Latin word “corona” which means crown. According to legend, God wanted to crown His work on the last day of creation, so He created the Kornati from tears, stars and breath. Nature Park Telašćica is located in the southeast of Dugi otok.
The park is known as the most protected port on the Adriatic, which is why, along the Kornati islands, this area has been named as a paradise for boaters. At the top of the western side of the bay extends the largest cliff in the Adriatic sea reaching 166 meters in height and going 85 meters deep into the sea. Nearby is the salt lake “Mir” which is known for its high salt content and medicinal mud. After lunch, take a walk through this magical island. Return to Zadar, 2 hours free time and a farewell dinner.
Accommodation: Hotel 4 *
Meals: Breakfast at 08:00 am, lunch at 1:30 pm on the island in the National Park
Activity: light, 9 hours
Transport: 40 kilometers, approx. 3:30 h boat trip in 4 times

Day 8: Zadar-Zemunik Airport (END OF THE JOURNEY)

After breakfast, check out from the hotel and, depending on the flight, transport to the airport or leisure in the city of Zadar until departure to the airport.
Meals: Breakfast at 08:00 am
Transfer: to Zemunik Airport from Zadar 20 kilometers / 30 minutes


  Total price (EUR) Total price (HRK) Price per person
2 persons 5.368,00 EUR 40.260,00 HRK 2.684,00 EUR or 20.130,00 HRK
4 persons 7.662,00 EUR 57.465,00 HRK 1.916,00 EUR or 14.367,00 HRK
6 persons 9.828,00 EUR 73.710,00 HRK 1.638,00 EUR or 12.285,00 HRK
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  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel on the first day
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport on the last day
  • Accommodation in a 4* hotel, 7 nights with breakfast
  • Dinner on the first and last day
  • Lunch on the mountain Day 2 of the trip
  • Tasting on day 6 (sufficient lunch replacement)
  • Sojourn tax
  • Transport by air-conditioned automobile (1260 kilometers in total)
  • Tour guide that is also a driver
  • Tickets for the National Parks, Klis Fortress and Olive Groves
  • Licensed guide in the National Parks and cities of Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Trogir
  • Insolvency insurance
  • Trip organization
  • VAT


  • Flight to and from Zadar Airport
  • Meals, dinner 5 times, lunch 5 or 7 times depending on time of arrival and departure
  • Tickets for churches and museums
  • Personal consumption
  • Travel health insurance

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