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9 reasons why you should visit Zadar this summer


Zadar is situated in the very heart of Adriatic coast with gorgeous nature, favorable climate and rich culture. It is a city with irresistible Mediterranean charm that has always been fit for living and never left anyone indifferent. Read our list of 9 reasons why you should visit Zadar this summer and find out why many have fallen in love with this ancient and picturesque city.

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Top 5 islands to visit in Zadar


Feel the breeze of Adriatic sea, have a wonderful time and discover the beauties of 5 best islands in Zadar to visit. Check our guide to get all information you need for Zadar island hopping: where to go, how to get there, best beaches, things to do and more!

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4 National parks that you can visit from Zadar


If you are staying in Zadar region then you should know that you are in the area rich in natural beauty and in the immediate vicinity of 4 national parks. The fact that there are 8 national parks in total in Croatia makes it even more fascinating and it is among the best-preserved ecological parts of Europe. Check out our list of 4 National parks that you can visit from Zadar and plan your trip with these magical destinations in mind

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Discover Zadar cultural route


Zadar is a city of 3,000 years long and turbulent history. Numerous cultural monuments of exceptional value attest different historical periods and cultures that have left their mark on the urban appearance of the city and the everyday life of its inhabitants. For over 1000 years Zadar was the capital of Dalmatia and played an exceptional historical role in certain periods. Check the cultural tour program here.

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7 Day trips from Zadar that you can’t miss


If you are planning visiting Zadar then you have to check out these incredible day trips from Zadar that will turn your holiday into great adventure. From mesmerizing waterfalls to beautiful islands with amazing beaches and picturesque old towns.

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One day in Zadar in 2020: What to see and Things to do


Zadar is beautiful seaside city in Croatia, situated in the center of Adriatic coast. It is among the oldest continuously inhabited cites in Croatia and for centuries it was the capital of Dalmatia region. For that reason, entire town is rich in historical monuments and modern installations that make Zadar one of the most charming yet undiscovered cities in Croatia.

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Discover Plitvice lakes – heaven on Earth

Plitvice Lakes from above

Located in the mountainous area of central Croatia, Plitvice lakes are nature's fairy tale that you will surely include in your "must see" list. In case you are planning visiting Croatia, Plitvice lakes are definitely a destination you must visit. Unique waterfalls, turquoise lakes and untouched nature will convince you that Plitvice really are heaven on Earth!

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Experience Zadar’s history through virtual reality!


If you are planning visiting Zadar, city in the center of Adriatic, then Zadar's history through virtual reality definitely should be on your "must do" list. It is guided walking tour through Zadar's old town and stopping in 8 different locations in order to discover how those locations looked back in time using the virtual reality glasses.

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