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The best viewpoints in Zadar Region


From wonderful coast with hundreds of islands to magnificent mountains, Zadar is full of amazing nature and unique landscapes. Check our list of the best viewpoints in Zadar region that will give you a unique birds-eye view of some truly remarkable places.

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What to visit from Zadar


Zadar is situated in the center of Adriatic and is the perfect base for visiting other destinations. If you are planning to visit Zadar read our list of what you should visit from Zadar.

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11 Things you don’t know about Zadar


Zadar is not only beautiful beaches and islands, sea and beaches. If you have heard about Zadar or if you have visited it, then you probably know that it has many secrets to tell. Read this post to find out what are 11 things that you don't know about Zadar.

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Famous people from Zadar, part II


List of famous people from Zadar that are in some way connected with the city or were born in Zadar. Those are the people of some other times who left behind works important for understanding the world as it is today:

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