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  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati nacionalni park
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i otok Mana
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i otok Mana okruzen morem, stijenama i kamenim gradevinama
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i Telašćica
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i Telašćica
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i Telašćica
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i Telašćica
  • Izlet brodom iz Zadra Kornati i Telašćica i Slano jezero Mir

Full day boat tour from Zadar to Kornati National park, Mana island and Telašćica

Enjoy a panoramic boat ride through the Kornati National Park, the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Visit the island of Mana, dive into the clear sea, discover magnificent cliffs and stone ruins. In Telašćica, refresh yourself in the sea surrounded by a pine forest, visit the salt lake and admire the view of the open sea from the lookout. Guide, breakfast and lunch included in the price.

AVAILABLE: from May until October


Kornati National Park  is composed of 89 uninhabited islands and islets. Kornati are the most rugged group of islands in the Mediterranean. Their name comes from the Latin word „corona“ which means crown. According to the tradition, God wanted to crown his work on the last day of Creation, so He created Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.

Telašćica Nature Park is situated at the south-eastern side of Dugi otok island. There are five small islands and five even tinier islets inside the bay. At the tip of the western side of the bay stretches the largest rocky cliff in the Adriatic, which reaches incredible 166 meters height and goes 85 meters deep into the sea. Nearby is a salty lake “Mir” which is well-known for its high salt content and medicinal mud.

END: 17:45
DURATION: 9 hours

Boat tour from Zadar to Kornati National Park starts in the city port. The ship’s crew will welcome you and help you get on board. Boarding starts at 8:00, and the ship departs exactly at 8:30 and, if necessary, stops in the port of Dražanica and in Preko (island of Ugljan).
Afterwards, you will be served a welcome drink and a breakfast sandwich. You will enjoy a relaxing panoramic boat ride among many islands of the Zadar archipelago.
Around 11:15 the ship will dock on the island of Mana in the Kornati archipelago. You will stay there for an hour and you will be able to dive into the crystal clear sea and climb to the top of the island to see unusual stone buildings built in 1950’s as a movie scenography.
Around 12:15 return to the boat and ride back to the Telašćica Nature Park. Lunch will be served during the panoramic boat ride.
About 13:15 arrival and 2 hours of free time for swimming and diving in the azure blue sea.
If you are into exploring, you can visit one of the rarest salt lakes in Europe, called Mir (“Peace” in Eng.). This lake has higher salt content than nearby sea and is believed to have medical mud.
Another attraction in Telašćica are large white stone cliffs. You can climb to the highest point of the island following marked path. From there you will enjoy the view of open sea. At the park you will see and donkey farm.
In the afternoon the boat departs from Telašćica and returns to Zadar at 17:45.

340,00 HRK or 46,00 EUR per person

This tour is free for children up to 2,99 years. For children 3 – 5,99 the price is 50,00 HRK or 7,00 EUR and for children  6 – 12 years old, the price is 170,00 HRK or 23,00 EUR.


  • Transport by boat
  • Licensed guide
  • Welcome drink
  • Breakfast (cheese and ham sandwich)
  • Lunch grilled fish (hake fillet) with salad and rice or vegetarian menu (pasta with tomato sauce) with glass of wine, water or juice
  • Entrance ticket for Telašćica Nature Park
  • Entrance ticket for Kornati National park
  • Insurance
  • VAT


  • personal consumption


Boat capacity: 110 persons
Boat length: 28 m
Boat facilities: spacious salon, bar, men/women toilet

DIFFICULTY: easy, not physically demanding
swimsuit, beach towel, sun protect hat, sun cream, bottle of water, money and your ID


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