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If you are searching for the best airfare, please contact us with confidence.

Send us an inquiry which must contain:

  • Name of the city of departure
  • Name of the city of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Return date
  • The names of passengers – name identically written as on the travel document, date of birth

Minimum time before booking airline tickets is 7 hours to departure time.

Bus transportation is organized 75 minutes before the flight and soon after every regular Croatia Airlines flight.

If you do not want to ride the bus, we can also provide transport from the airport and transport to the airport.

It is desirable to collect information on all the necessary travel documents before booking (visas and similar licenses), and to obtain the same. In the case of incomplete documents or non-compliance with regulations for entry or exit of a country, the consequences would be denied boarding or prohibition of entry.

When it comes to international travel, Croatian citizens who do not have a record book and / or residence permit of the destination country, in some cases, must have a return ticket or proof of continuing travel to a third country, which possess all the necessary documents.

After the Croatian accession to the European Union, Croatian citizens can travel to the EU Member States with a valid passport or identity card, and generally do not require a return ticket. However, we that you check current conditions for entry in a particular country on the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (www.mvpei.hr) or contact the diplomatic or consular mission of the country you are visiting.

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