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Trips on Velebit mountain: what to see and which activity to choose


Velebit mountain is situated in Zadar hinterland, and it is adorned with a unique beauty and a specific position between the sea and the mainland. Its size and unique landscape amaze many visitors and fans of nature and active holidays. It attracts attention with its stunning peaks, karst phenomena and biodiversity. This beautiful landscape provides opportunities for many activities, and we bring you some of them!

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Team building: ideas and activities


Team building has become an important part of the strategy of many companies in the last few years. Whether it's just a shared barbecue or a group outdoor activity such as rafting, various sports, adrenaline park visits or other activities, more and more companies are realizing the importance of team building for more satisfied employees and better development of their company. Here are some ideas how to organize a perfect team building and what activities we recommend.

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Zadar walking tours; what to see and which tour to choose

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If you are coming to Zadar for the first time or want to try something new, we have a great guide for you. Read in our guide what you have to see and visit in Zadar. Choose a city tour according to your interests, visit museums or experience the history of Zadar in a completely new way through an innovative tour with VR glasses.

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Coronavirus in Croatia: current situation and new information


The virus is still among us and it is still unknown how long humanity will fight it. Everyday life has changed and continues to change day by day. Every day we receive new instructions on how to behave and new measures are introduced to combat the virus. We bring you new information about the current situation in Croatia!

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Discover Zrmanja river: things to see, trips and activities


Zrmanja river is often called "Beauty and the beast" and it is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. Zrmanja river flows through rough karst landscape and creates many amazing waterfalls. Before the river flows into the sea, it flows through a magnificent canyon that attracts many visitors with its beauty and this location has served as a backdrop for world-famous films about Winnetou.

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Top 7 sandy beaches in Zadar region you must visit


Zadar region has plenty of sandy beaches, high number of sunny hours and beautiful islands so it represents paradise destination for all those who want relaxed vacation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Check our list of top 7 sandy beaches in Zadar region that you shouldn't miss during your summer vacation.

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Kornati National park and Telašćica: Complete guide

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Kornati are the most indented island group in the Mediterranean with dazzling blue, crystal clear waters and numerous islands and islets. While Telašćica is the safest natural harbor in the Adriatic with numerous coves, salty lake and impressive steep cliffs. Read the complete guide and do not miss the chance to discover this part of Croatia, often referred as Nautical Paradise!

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