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We sell unique Croatian souvenirs. Our manufacturers and vendors are crafts, businesses and legal entities that have Croatia as their country of origin, exclusively.

Every souvenir is handmade with lots of love using different techniques of design, weaving, coloring and sewing… Each is made with love and warmth, skilled hands made each piece unique.

We offer souvenirs made of leather, wood, stone, gypsum, ceramics, plexiglass, linen, wattle. We also have edible souvenirs (boxes of chocolate, candy), fragrant (lavender, soaps, creams, oils) and beautiful handworks (šlingane, vezene, šivane).

We also offer a great number of creatively designed toys colored with non-toxic colors which are not dangerous for your children’s health.

We can also design the gift package according to your wishes (for companies, sending abroad, etc.), beautifully wrapped in decorative baskets that are handmade and fill them with products of your choosing.

All of our products are exposed in our sales area, in the office at Knezova Šubića Bribirskih 4, Zadar. Feel free to come and see for yourselves!