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  • Veslanje na dasci kanjonom Zrmanje Hrvatska paddle surfing
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Stand up paddling in Zrmanja Canyon

Stand up paddling in Zrmanja Canyon! A truly unique view of the Zrmanja Canyon from below. Reserve a board and paddle surf with us, and the only thing you need is balance!

DATES: by appointment

Sights & attractions:

Zrmanja River has penetrated its way towards the sea through rough carbonate terrain for thousands of years. Due to its fickle whim it is often called beauty and the beast. Zrmanja Canyon is one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia. Therefore it was protected as a significant landscape.
Stand up paddling requires only a board, wider and longer than a surfboard, and a paddle you use while standing straight. SUP is ideal for all ages and levels of physical ability.


DEPARTURE: 10:30 a.m.
Duration: 2 hours

Gathering point is at Muškovci (Berberov buk), where the rafting tour ends, or in Obrovac - you choose where you want to go. If you want to start from Muškovci, the tour starts from the bridge and goes upstream to the first waterfalls. If you choose to Obrovac, the tour goes downstream to the river’s estuary or to the first waterfalls.
If you are new to Stand-up paddling, no need to worry – our guides will teach you how to do it right so that you can relax and have fun while enjoying the beauty of a Zrmanja Canyon and its cliffs.

WHAT TO BRING: additional T-shirt, water, fruit, mobile phone, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen to protect from the sun
DIFFICULTY: not physically demanding, suitable for all

INCLUDED in the price:

  • paddling board
  • equipment
  • guide

NOT INCLUDED in the price:

  • transportation to river Zrmanja/Muškovci/Obrovac
  • personal consumption

PRICE: 150,00 HRK per person (or 20 EUR)


Zrmanja river boat tour starts from Obrovac (Distance between Zadar and Obrovac is 45 km) or in Muškovci. If you don’t have a car, you can take organized transport Zadar-Obrovac-Zadar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 125,00 HRK (or 17 EUR) per a person. Departure schedule:

Punta skala 9:00
Petrčane 9:10
Pinija 9:15
Yachting bar & club 9:30
Branimir coast 9:40
Main bus station Zadar 9:50
Hotel Lucija Posedarje 10:20

MAP – Departure points

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